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Speaker's Bureau

Boy Scouts of America, Coronado Area Council

Staff from the Coronado Council is ready to present programs on today's scouting program and how you can become involved. 
Fees:  None
Contact: Ryan Pickett
Telephone:  785-587-1818
Email:  ryan.pickett@scouting.org 

Central Kansas Educational Opportunity Center

Staff from the EOC can inform audiences about how we assist those individuals interested in post-secondary education, with career planning, financial literacy, education choices, financial aid and admissions to technical schools, colleges and universities.
Fees:  None
Contact:  Ray (to speak) or Mary (to schedule)
Telephone:  877-684-8164 or 785-238-5200

CL Hoover Opera House

The Opera House is full of historic charm and character. The staff here is devoted to the community and fulfilling any questions they might have. We offer tours of the opera house, and our knowledgeable team is always available to speak about the opera house at your request. We have a variety of shows and events this season that we would be more than happy to discuss with you.
Contact: Joe and Sheila Markley, Directors
Telephone: 785-238-3906
Email:  director@jcoperahouse.org

Cloud County Community College—Geary County Campus

College faculty and professional staff are available to speak on topics including but not limited to: literature, history, ethics, current social issues, communication, leadership, organizational skills and project management, effective committee and club meetings, strategic planning, and finances.
Fees: None
Contact:  Jennifer Zabokrtsky
Telephone:  785-238-8010 ext. 723
Email: jzabokrtsky@cloud.edu

The Crisis Center, Inc.

The Crisis Center provides educational programs to churches, schools and civic groups and specialized training to professional associations and employee groups on a wide range of topics related to intimate partner (domestic) abuse and sexual assault.
Fees:  None
Telephone:  785-762-8835

Delivering Change: Healthy Families – Healthy Communities/Geared Up Dads

Delivering Change and/or Geared Up Dads is available to speak to your group about the current classes and events that are being held and how you can become involved in the health of families in Geary County.
Fees:  None
Contact: Ashley King
Telephone:  785-238-0300
Email:  aking@gchks.org

Dorothy Bramlage Public Library

Library staff is ready and willing to talk about the programs and activities that are packing the current calendar of events as well as the many services that the library offers, ranging from those for the very young to those for the more senior members of the community.  Book talks, tech trends and hot-topic programs are also available.
Fees:  None
Contact:  Susan Moyer, Library Director
Telephone:  785-238-4311
Email:  susanm@jclib.org

Geary County Conservation District/Clarks Creek Wraps

The Conservation District/WRAPS staff is excited to come out and speak to groups of all ages. We cover a wide range of topics ranging from natural resource conservation and restoration to cost-share program information. We have access to exciting teaching aides like a stream flow trailer, soil tunnel, enviroscape and rainfall simulator. Call to schedule a speaker for your next meeting or event.
Fees:  None
Contact:  Angela Beavers
Telephone:  785-238-4251
E-mail: angela.beavers@ks.usda.gov

Geary County Convention & Visitors Bureau

The CVB staff is always willing to promote and share Geary County's Natural by Nature historic treasures. Find out what's going on, how you can be involved and become an ambassador for Geary County. Additional information is available from the web site at junctioncity.org.
Fees:  None
Contact:  Michele Stimatze
Telephone:  785-238-2885
E-mail: mstimatze@junctioncity.org

Geary County Health Department

The Geary County Health Department Health Educator offers interesting and engaging presentations on a wide variety of health and wellness-related topics to include: Women's health, child abuse and neglect, diabetes, stroke, stress management, nutrition, disease prevention, HIV/STIs and other health-related topics
Fees: None
Contact: Health Educator
Telephone: 785-762-5788
Sponsored by: Geary County Health Department

Environmental Health:  Domestic wells, public drinking water, air pollution, blood borne pathogens and other environmental issues.
Fees:  Contact RLR for details
Contact:  Health Department Rural Lakes Region staff
Telephone:  785-762-5788, Ext. 132

Geary County K-State Research and Extension

Agriculture, plants, wildlife, energy resources, gardening, healthy eating, getting organized, getting the most out of your money, avoiding scams, fraud and identity theft, basic money management, consumer issues, safe food preparation, parenting, balancing career, work and home and resource management approaches are just some of the programs available from the Geary County K-State Research & Extension Office.  We would also be happy to provide information on the 4-H program.
Fees:  None.  Mileage and other expenses may be charged for programs given outside of Geary County
Contact:  Deb Andres, Ginger Kopfer, or Chuck Otte
Telephone:  785-238-4161
Email:  dandres1@ksu.edu, gkopfer@ksu.edu, or cotte@ksu.edu

Geary County Virtual Learning Center

Staff is always ready to talk about the services provided by the learning center including the diploma completion and continuing education programs.
Fees:  None
Contact:  Linda Prior
Telephone:  620-238-9584
Email:  linda.prior@greenbush.org

Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri

Girl Scouts offers a general program for adult civic groups on what Girl Scouts is all about. This presentation will focus on the core values of the Girl Scout program, changes over the last few years, and volunteer needs in the community.
Fees:  None
Contact: Margaret Moore
Telephone: 785-250-4498

Junction City Arts Council

Volunteers from the arts council are available to speak to your group about the current classes and events that are being held and how you can become involved in this all-volunteer program dedicated to helping keep the arts alive in the community.
Fees: None
Contact: Junction City Arts Council
Telephone:  785-762-2581
Email:  jcartscouncil1@gmail.com

Milford Nature Center

The Milford Nature Center offers programs about native wildlife, especially birds of prey, to all age groups.
Fees: None
Contact: Pat Silovsky
Telephone: 785-238-5323
Email:  pat.silovsky@ksoutdoors.com

Rock Springs 4-H Center

The Rock Springs staff is always happy to talk with groups about the center and its activities and events as well as the meeting facilities that are available for reservation. 
Fees: None
Contact: Nicolette Unruh
Telephone: 785-257-3221